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I'm just curious. I'd like to hear from you guys' opinions

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I'm just curious. I'd like to hear from you guys' opinions on OSRS Gold this. I was thinking of something you can refer to as a "healer" for the clan. Their job is expensive, but it's awesome. How would it work? The healer (referred to as H) would be on the Lunar spell book, which has magic 92.


He'll put on the Protect/Deflect melee, and he'll treat all his teammates. He'll heal, and then brew. Simple, huh? I just thought what could be the reason I haven't met these people, and if so what is the reason that's keeping them from getting out there? I doubt that this is soo unique.


This guide was created due to the fact that I observed that a lot of people struggle with getting good dungeoneering experiences. This is mainly for f2p, so certain things may not apply to the p2p world. This is the base of the situation: At present, I have 44 dungeoneering. Consider that I'm 117 in f2p combat, so fighting on the f2p side is much easier.


First, let's dispel some common myths. It doesn't take armor to Buy RS Gold take out all bosses. Only the food gained by clearing levels is enough. Opening up bonus rooms has an enormous benefit in terms of exp, even when you compare it to the time spent doing it. When the other player understands the process playing together, it can be beneficial. To do this, you divide the tasks up in a split, then you divide the work once you're on the same level or a +1 level of dungeoneering. If you're playing duos or solo, small rooms are easier to explore.

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