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Things to Consider Before Buying Contuo TV Lifts


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A TV Lift is a mechanical system powered by electricity and used to move a TV set vertically or horizontally out of (and into) ceilings, partition walls or (most often) furniture. In the latter case, the TV is typically hidden in a lift TV cabinet, although there have been cases of all furniture pieces used to house a TV lift stand.

Quality and Capacity

Lifts should be made from quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel and have the capacity to perform the required lifting task, including any variations that might be encountered. Further, there should not be too much more capacity in what the lift can provide than what is necessary. Excess capacity requires more electrical power and larger-than-needed motors that, as such, will not be as quiet as one of the appropriate size.

Another capacity issue involves designing products for specific industries. Motivated Design has products specific for the marine and motorcoach industries where quality materials are of even more importance and extra-rugged design comes into play. Yachts can subject TV Lifts or other concealment devices to extreme conditions, as in sport fishing yachts that can power through 8-foot seas at speeds greater than 40 knots.


Most TVs don’t weigh all that much these days, but not everybody has a new TV. Many people rely on hand-me-downs, or on the televisions which can be found in charity shops, not all of which are modern. Before buying a TV lift, you should take into account the fact that not all TVs weigh the same. Not all TV lifts are made to bear the same weight.

Eye Appeal

One of the most important features of any media concealment device is aesthetics. No, the lift itself does not have to look especially attractive, but it should not look like an unprofessionally-built product. There should not be exposed parts of the lift - it should have a clean look. The concealment devices themselves should remain concealed, and only the TVs or media devices, along with whatever architectural finishes, should be seen. This often requires cooperation on the part of the interior designers, cabinet shops, millwork finishers, etc.


The primary reason for the use of a TV lift is to create more space in the home, so it is a good idea to look for one which is quite small and compact. This is where lifts which can be incorporated directly into another piece of furniture come in handy, as it means that the space can serve double duty, as somewhere to use as a table (for example) during the day, and for holding the TV at night. One which takes up a minimum of space can also be used inside walls and floors, which further eliminates the need for day to day space taken up by a TV.


Cost effectiveness is simply paying an honest price for all of the above.

Do you have questions or comments - get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss more.

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